The Inimitable Lyrics

of Kenny Young and the Eggplants

We periodically receive impassioned requests for song lyrics, so we have decided to occasionally plaster some here on the band's website.

Here are our first lyrical postings ...



"The House at Creepy Lake"


I guess it was a mistake

to buy the house at Creepy Lake.

But the broker kept on raving

about the monster savings.

“You have made an excellent choice,”

said a disembodied voice.

I really should be more judicious

about who I listen to.


Soon as I paid the deposit

zombies poured out of the closet.

Poltergeists of various shapes,

werewolves on roller skates.

They seemed a colorful bunch

and so I offered lunch.

A lifetime in New York had taught me

to be open-minded.


For a year we lived in perfect harmony

playing hop-scotch in the moonlight.

But our fun ended when the house next door was sold

to a singer-songwriter.


On a dreadful evening

he came outside to sing

about the problems in his life

a world of pain and strife.

The monsters were horrified.

They howled and they cried.

“We can’t listen to him moan.

We’ll have to leave our home.”

I said, “Wait up for me.

I’m moving back to the city.”

And that’s the story of

the house I bought at Creepy Lake.


©  2008  Kenny Young


"Double Bubble Day"

Find a nickel
on the sidewalk
Feel a trickle
of sunshine on me
A street rat says, "Good Morning"
I can hear hear the pigeons sing

It's a double bubble day
I know the rain won't fall on me today
It's a double bubble day
Everything is going my way

Buy a paper
Friendly vendor
Get a coffee 
from the coffee man
Watch the swirls of milk go round
Watch the squirrels in the playground

It's a double bubble day
Even a car alarm sounds good to me today
It's a double bubble day
Everything is going my way

I spin myself around
and fall on the concrete
A little ant walks by
He helps me to my feet

Alligator from the sewer
pops her head out
and says politely,
"Please come down
and have some tea.
I've got free cable tv."

And it turns out
she likes baseball
So we go up 
to the Stadium
Sit among the spectators
Special section for gators

It's a double bubble day
from the loudspeakers
I hear the Monkees play
It's a double bubble day
Everything is going my way.

(c) 2003 Kenny Young