More Fun Stuff

This page will eventually lead you to a cornucopia of Eggplants-related miscellany.  Or something like that.

For now ...  if you deftly move your cursor to the "More Fun Stuff" navigation bar and click on the various subheadings, you can:

1)  Marvel at the Herald Angel Award given to the Eggplants at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival;

2)  Learn about the Eggplants' connection to renowned author Alexander McCall Smith;

3)  Goggle at the beautiful artwork of Mike DeSantis (under the sub-heading "Illustrated Eggplantis");

4)  Enjoy a short and funny film that makes use of an Eggplants song (under the sub-heading "Soup or Salad?"); and

5)  Ponder a sampling of inimitable Eggplants lyrics.


Much more fun stuff still to come!