BMI Pays a Visit to Creepy Lake


We are very pleased to report that "The House at Creepy Lake" has just received a special "shout out" from BMI (a monstrously large organization that represents songwriters and music publishers). BMI holds a monthly song competition, and "The House at Creepy Lake" captured the attention of the judges in October.

The BMI Moderator wrote: "With a line like 'A lifetime in New York had taught me to be open-minded,' you really can’t go wrong."

In a separate website posting, another BMI representative said: "Ha ha, how festive! And catchy! Lyrics put a smile on my face."

Thank you, kindly persons at BMI ... We greatly appreciate the praise!


Tom Tupper January 05, 2013 @08:22 am

Good song. just discovered you guys. Lot-o-fun! I heard a song that I think was you...."I've got mental issues" Can't find it anywhere. Rich Kominsky played it on WPKN BRidgeport Ct. I'll be watching for you guys! hope you come to CT. Cafe 9 in New haven ct would be a good fit

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