Eggplants in Edinburgh (2015)

Let blare the flugelhorns!
Kenny Young and the Eggplants
are returning to Edinburgh!
FOUR stupendous shows:
August 27th at 7 pm
August 28th-30th (inclusive) at 8:30 pm
These intergalactic events will transpire
at the Acoustic Music Centre @ St. Bride's.
Earl the Squirrel,
Lushy the Grouse,
Dr. Drosophila,
and, of course,
Eddie and Gil and Kenny
are currently careening
through the cosmos,
and they are very much
looking forward to seeing you
in August.
Cheers and other outstanding wishes
from Eggplants Central
* Website not available in the Andromeda galaxy.
** Website not available in the Small Magellanic Cloud galaxy.
*** Website not available in Wolverhampton.
**** Facebook is, of course, available in all galaxies.
Not to be judgmental,
but a lot of precious time is being wasted
in the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical galaxy.

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