Eggplants Holiday Message

Kenny Young and the Eggplants wish to express their prodigious gratitude to all the charming and highly-intelligent earthlings who came to see them perform in 2013.   The Eggplants will resume their astounding adventures on FRIDAY, JANUARY 10th at 8 PM

Eggplants in Edinburgh - Part Two

The Edinburgh shows were amazing -- just nonstop fun for the Eggplants. Thank you so much to all the wonderful people who were part of it. The review below is taken from a lengthy piece written by DJ/author/blogger Colin Bertram. …

We're an American Band

We're an American Band!  Our Edinburgh Fringe shows were just recommended in the current issue of a magazine called The American.  They even ran a lovely photo.

It is a magazine for Americans in the UK. We can be…

Eggplants in Edinburgh!

The Pageantry! The Spectacles!*    Kenny Young and the Eggplants (finally) return to Edinburgh, Scotland 4 BIG SHOWS! August 22-25 (inclusive) Acoustic Music Centre @ St. Bride's    Tickets on sale ... now! Wait, no ... now!    Every show will be different!

The Squirrel of Summer

Profuse thanks to DJ Michael Davidson, host of Comedy 101 Radio, for his blog proclaiming that "Earl the Squirrel" is his favorite summer song.  He even embedded a vintage video clip of the Eggplants performing the tune live.  You can…

Rocking the Poundland!

Several people have written to the Eggplants to let us know that "Come Back Patti" can frequently be heard in the Poundland and Dealz retail shops in the U.K.  We have received such reports from Oxford and Birmingham ... and…


"Attack of the Maniac Librarian" Video Game


The clever lad who created the "Attack of the Maniac Librarian" video game (based on the song by the Eggplants) has posted a new version of the game with additional graphics and other improved features.  It looks great!  You can…


BMI Pays a Visit to Creepy Lake


We are very pleased to report that "The House at Creepy Lake" has just received a special "shout out" from BMI (a monstrously large organization that represents songwriters and music publishers). BMI holds a monthly song competition, and "The House…