Greetings, Friendly Visitor! 

Welcome to the Kingdom of Eggplantis!

You can listen to tantalizing tunes and read rapturous reviews. You can watch our inimitable videos for
“The Check Has Arrived” and “Ruff Justice.” You can play the "Attack of the Maniac Librarian"
video game and save the animated Eggplant from the flying axes of evil.
You can send urgent messages and scientific theories to the band.   And more frivolously fun features
will be randomly added for your entertainment in the months ahead. 

We hope you enjoy your visit to Eggplantis.  Your safety will be ensured by Earl the Squirrel,
and beverages will be provided by Lushy the Grouse.

"Giving eloquent voice to the
multifaceted neuroses of
prolonged adolescence" 

-- The New York Times 


  “From out of left field comes Kenny Young and the Eggplants.  This brilliant, whimsical Brooklyn band always leaves me with a lightened heart and a spring in my step.”  

-- Tom Robinson, BBC

"The Eggplants mix brainy,
funny lyrics with a fine
sense of what makes pop
music wonderful" 

-- Dr Demento 


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