The Eggplants Are Number One! No, Really! 

April 2022 

We are thrilled to report that after six or seven weeks in the Top Ten, Plantastic Voyage has ascended all the way to # 1 on Phil Maq's Theme Attic show on WHFR-FM in Detroit. 

First of all: Thank you, Phil! 

Second of all: Hello Detroit! 

Phil describes Plantastic Voyage as an “out-of-this-world, number-one-fave album!” 

You can see his Top Ten Album chart here: 

Hoorah for the Motor City!


Eggplants at the Movies! Eggplants on the Radio! And Uncle Floyd!


February 2022: It’s been a while since we posted any news … So here we go! 

Eggplants Film News:

Last fall, Neal Hemphill took home the Best Director award at the New York International Film Awards Festival for his short film, Jack in Astoria. “The Sleep Song” (from the Eggplants’ debut album, Even One is Quite a Few) is featured prominently in the film … In fact, the entire song can be heard during the end credits! 

Watch the trailer and you can hear “The Sleep Song” in the background . . .


In other film news: Kenny was interviewed for a documentary about Lauterbach’s, a rock-and-roll dive bar that was home to the musician-run Brooklyn Beat record label. The Eggplants played at Lauterbach’s a bunch of times in the 1990s, and contributed early recordings of “Randolph Got a Haircut,” “Mommy is a Lawyer,” “Savage Eggplant,” and a few other songs to two Brooklyn Beat compilation albums. Will Kenny’s interview make it into the final cut? We will keep you posted as the documentary progresses … 


Eggplants Radio News: At some of the best college radio stations across the USA -- including WFMU (Jersey City, NJ) and WPKN (Bridgeport, CN) -- songs from all six Eggplants albums continue to blast across the airwaves. Meanwhile, on WHFR (Detroit, MI), a DJ named Phil Maq (host of The Theme Attic) has discovered the Eggplants in a big way: Plantastic Voyage has been in his Top Ten Albums of the Week for four weeks—including two weeks at number five! You can see his Top Ten charts for February 6th and 13th here:

Phil has been saying lots of fun things about the Eggplants on his broadcasts. After playing “Ruff Justice,” he commented: "That is so funny ... That is so great ... Maybe the best 56 seconds of this show." 


And now: Uncle Floyd! The Eggplants are totally thrilled to be getting airplay from the legendary Uncle Floyd, host of Garage Sale Music on WFDU (Teaneck, NJ). In the late 1970s/early 1980s, Uncle Floyd’s local TV show – a sort-of comedy/music/variety show – became a big hit among rock-and-roll musicians. Astoundingly, he is mentioned in song lyrics by David Bowie and the Ramones! On his radio show, he has recently played two Eggplants songs: “Monster Hit Record” and “Pirate Radio (Radio Eggplantis).” Now the Eggplants just need to get into their time-and-space machine so that they can appear on his TV show, too …




 The Eggplants are grateful to the great songwriter/musician/BBC radio host Tom Robinson (BBC 6Music) for posting on Instagram about our London show and for tweeting out all our 
UK tour dates ... 

Eggplants UK Tour 2019 

Kenny Young and the Eggplants
have returned from a parallel universe, and 
will soon be steering their purple-and-green spaceship
towards various scientifically selected destinations in the UK.
The following is what we know so far about the
Eggplants 2019 UK Tour. More information
will become available as the tour approaches.
* Edinburgh (22 Aug at 10pm /23 Aug at 8:30pm /24 Aug at 2:30pm)
Acoustic Music Centre @ UCC, 14 Royal Terrace
Please note that the three Edinburgh shows all have different starting times
(including a special afternoon show) presumably
just to confuse everyone and cause gratuitous chaos.
Tickets for all three shows are on sale NOW
* Oxford (25 Aug at 8 pm)
White Hart Wolvercote Community Pub, 126 Godstow Road
For more information, please contact Bob Cowley at
* Ashburton, Devon (26 Aug at 7:30pm)
Ashburton Arts Centre, West Street
a double-bill with guitarist Nico G 
For tickets, please visit
* East Farndon, Northamptonshire (29 Aug at 7pm)
East Farndon Village Hall, Main Street
Local terrestrial support from Polly Burton and Russell Burton 
(the latter being an indispensable member of Mighty Mighty)
A portion of the proceeds from the night will be donated to Practical Action
(a charity that uses technology to challenge poverty in developing countries)
For tickets and information, please contact
* Rhos-on-Sea, Wales (30 Aug at 8pm)
Pie Records Arts Cafe, 17 Rhos Road
* London (1 Sept at 1 pm)
Omnibus Theatre, 1 Clapham Common
A lunchtime double-bill with our talented friends Rebecca Hollweg
and Andy Hamill 
and possibly followed by a celebratory end-of-the-tour picnic
with all of us after the gig. 
Tickets on sale NOW at
The Eggplants send their love from the spaceship ... and hope to see you in the UK!

Plantastic Voyage Hits Number One! 

Holy Cow! We have just learned that Plantastic Voyage is the Number One album at WDCV in Carlisle, PA! Thank you, Carlisle!

It is also currently # 9 at KMUD in Redway, CA.

We still have lots more stations to hear from ... but we are already very grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Plantastic Voyage is on the Airwaves 

Plantastic Voyage has now been sent to college and noncommercial radio stations across the USA. We promise to post any noteworthy radio developments on this very page!

For starters -- Here are some stations where Plantastic Voyage has already charted!

WDCV (Carlisle, PA): #1

KMUD (Redway, CA): #9

KMNR (Rolla, MO): #12

WESS FM (East Stroudsburg, PA): #15

Thank you, kindly DJs! We are very grateful Eggplants!

UK Tour Update 

Kenny Young and the Eggplants are hurriedly hurtling through time and space and will be arriving in the UK startlingly soon!
The Eggplants will be armed with copies of their new album Plantastic Voyage (featuring songs for TV and film from a parallel universe) and with fashionable new tour t-shirts (while supplies last).
It has been quite a while since the band's last extended UK tour. Eddie, Gil, and Kenny (not to mention Earl the Squirrel and Lushy the Grouse) will be truly overjoyed to see you if you can make it to any of the shows along the way.
Here are all the action-packed details for the UK Plantastic Voyage Tour:
Two shows only! Sat. 26 Aug/Sun. 27 Aug at 8:30 pm 
Acoustic Music Centre @ UCC (venue 138), 14 Royal Terrace
Tickets at Brown Paper Tickets  
Fringe Box Office
Wed. 30 Aug at 8:00 pm
The Met, Market Street, Bury
Thurs. 31 Aug -- estimated starting time of 9:30 pm
Telford's Warehouse
Fri. 1 Sept    Mystery gig!
Details for this show are still unconfirmed, so please continue to check this website and the band's facebook page.
Sat. 2 Sept at 2:45 pm in the afternoon
The Main Stage -- immediately followed by the amazing Honkin' Hep Cats 
Sat. 2 Sept at 9 pm
The Eggplants visit the Tom Robinson Show!
Sun. 3 Sept at 7:30 pm
Omnibus Theatre, Clapham 
Double-bill with the exceptionally talented Rebecca Hollweg
Tickets at
That is it for now! Any crucial new tour developments will be posted on this website and on the band's facebook page.
Hope to see you ... extremely imminently!


Despite all logic and good sense, Kenny Young and the Eggplants have recorded a new album, entitled Plantastic Voyage, on Cheese Thing Records.

The album features songs for TV and film from a parallel universe. The concept behind the album is explained in slightly more detail in the "More Fun Stuff" section of the band's website.

To celebrate the release of the album, the Eggplants will play a couple of special shows in New York City before embarking on a UK tour in late August. The tour will include stops in Edinburgh, Manchester, Chester, Oxford and London, and a performance at BunkFest in Wallingford. More details will be posted on the website as the dates grow nearer.

Two songs from the album have already been played on The Tom Robinson Show on BBC 6 Music: "Monster Hit Record" and "The Check Has Arrived." Tom called the Eggplants "the most brilliant, left-field Brooklyn band you have never heard of."

Eggplants Will Depart Intergalactic Conflict to Perform in Edinburgh 

Kenny Young and the Eggplants
are currently in the
Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy,
where they are valiantly combating
the frighteningly fatuous space armada
from the planet
Trumpalump Magalomanius 3.
In August, the Eggplants will briefly remove themselves from intergalactic hostilities
so that they can passionately perform
for the good people of Edinburgh
and other friendly patrons of the Fringe.
The shows will take place at the
Acoustic Music Centre @ St. Bride's
on four epic evenings:
Thursday, August 25th at 7 pm;
Fri/Sat/Sun August 26th-28th at 8:30 pm.
Tickets are available NOW
(please note the capital letters)
According to Earl the Squirrel,
you can significantly reduce the anxieties
of the kindly intergalactic promoter
by purchasing tickets in advance.
Eddie & Gil & Kenny
(and Lushy the Grouse
and all the other characters
who travel with the Eggplants)
send their love
and hope to see you in August!

Eggplants in Edinburgh (2015) - Part 2 

Kenny Young and the Eggplants
are nearly ready to board the
time-and-space craft
that will transport them to
the Acoustic Music Centre
@ St. Bride's
for four epic shows:
Thursday, August 27th at 7 pm;
Fri/Sat/Sun August 28th-30th at 8:30 pm.
Tickets are (possibly) still available
or via the venue website:
Eddie & Gil & Kenny
are truly looking forward
to seeing some friendly earthlings
(especially after their
unfortunate recent experience
on the planet Trumpalump Bombast 6).

The Sartorial Splendor of Eggplants 

The Eggplants are proud to report the following:
It was 
Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt to Work Day
at the BBC,
and legendary songwriter and radio host
Tom Robinson
displayed his favourite:
He then proceeded to play "Space Frog":
It was fortunate indeed that Tom's shirt was not destroyed by a
malevolent washing machine.
We thank Tom profusely for being an unwavering champion of the Eggplants!

Eggplants in Edinburgh (2015) 

Let blare the flugelhorns!
Kenny Young and the Eggplants
are returning to Edinburgh!
FOUR stupendous shows:
August 27th at 7 pm
August 28th-30th (inclusive) at 8:30 pm
These intergalactic events will transpire
at the Acoustic Music Centre @ St. Bride's.
Earl the Squirrel,
Lushy the Grouse,
Dr. Drosophila,
and, of course,
Eddie and Gil and Kenny
are currently careening
through the cosmos,
and they are very much
looking forward to seeing you
in August.
Cheers and other outstanding wishes
from Eggplants Central
* Website not available in the Andromeda galaxy.
** Website not available in the Small Magellanic Cloud galaxy.
*** Website not available in Wolverhampton.
**** Facebook is, of course, available in all galaxies.
Not to be judgmental,
but a lot of precious time is being wasted
in the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical galaxy.