September 2023 

Holy squirrels! Toxic Swamp and Other Love Songs -- the Eggplants' second album -- just hit #1 on Theme Attic,
which broadcasts out of WHFR-FM in Detroit. As of this moment, it’s been in the show's Top Ten for five weeks. 
Phil Maq, the affable and erudite host of Theme Attic has announced that Toxic Swamp
will be additionally recognized with a coveted Philby Award – for “brilliant musical achievement.” 

The Eggplants are thrilled and honored. And never mind the actual release date of Toxic Swamp
Time is a relative concept when it comes to the Eggplants!


We are happy to report that the Eggplants thoroughly enjoyed their shows at the Fringe Festival 
in Scotland and furthermore -- as far as we know -- they did not cause a single international or intergalactic crisis.
Here’s a review by Neil McIntosh for Edinburgh Insider. Spoiler alert: He gave the Eggplants 11 stars … presumably out of five! 

Review: Kenny Young and the Eggplants 

Acoustic Music Centre at Ukrainian Community Centre

Edinburgh, Friday 11th August 2023


Whilst perusing through literally thousands of acts performing during the Edinburgh Festival I stumbled across
Kenny Young and the Eggplants ... After listening to a few tracks online my interest was piqued and so I purchased a ticket
and headed towards the Ukrainian Community Centre on Royal Terrace for the first of the band’s three shows ... 

At 7pm, Kenny and his Eggplants (Gil and Ed) made their way on stage. They proceeded to entertain with a
setlist that would bring a smile to the face of a lamppost. 

I couldn’t help but grin and let out an occasional chuckle throughout this pun laden lyrical journey, distantly
reminiscent of 90’s South London band Carter USM, albeit with a completely different predominantly acoustic style. 

Subjects ranged from 6-foot squirrels and tiny microbiologists to discovering the face of Elvis in a slice of pizza. 

Mid-set the band played their signature tune the ‘Savage Eggplant’, tonight on a table tennis set; this is very hard
to describe … you know when people say ‘you had to be there’ right? That pretty much applies here. 

All too soon it was 8pm and their slot was over. The band decided however to continue playing until asked to vacate the stage
and went on to take requests from the audience including fan favourites and a memorable cover of a song by Patti Smith. 

In conclusion, this was an uplifting and unusual performance, the perfect tonic to years of listening to
The Smiths, Radiohead and Leonard Cohen. A band at their best playing live. 

Eleven stars!


Greetings, citizens of Earth! 

We are jubilant to announce that Kenny Young and the Eggplants have been granted intergalactic
permission to land their spaceship in Edinburgh for three days in August. 


Friday, 11 August at 7pm 

Saturday, 12 August at 5:30pm 

Sunday, 13 August at 5:30pm


Acoustic Music Centre (at the Ukrainian Community Centre) 

14 Royal Terrace, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK EH7 5AB 

Due to cosmic complications, these three performances will be the only UK shows by
the Eggplants on this visit to your planet. With so many songs to choose from, the Eggplants
promise that each show will feature a different set list. So why not come to all three? 

To purchase tickets, please visit this link:

Eddie, Gil and Kenny (and Earl the Squirrel, Lushy the Grouse, and all the other passengers on the spaceship)
send their love ... and really, really hope you can join them in Edinburgh.

More Radio News and Awards for Plantastic Voyage! 

Big news from the Motor City! Plantastic Voyage has won
three Philby Awards at WHFR-FM (Detroit/Dearborn, MI)
in these special categories: Best Intergalactic Album,
Best Pop/Rock Comedy Album, and Best Animated Cover.
It was also named as one of the Top 100 Albums of 2021.
(Yes, we know the album was originally released in 2017. But the
Eggplants are space-time travelers, so things don’t always
happen for them in the usual linear, chronological order.) 

The Philbys are awarded by DJ Phil Maq for
"brilliant musical achievement."
Phil continues to make entertaining
comments about the Eggplants’ songs, and he seems
especially fond of “Ruff Justice.” On one broadcast, Phil said:
“We could use four or five of those dogs on the Court right now.” 

By the way, Earl the Squirrel (Chief of Security for the Eggplants)
is very pleased to note that the official logo for
the Philby Awards is … a squirrel!

In other radio news...

The Eggplants are profoundly honored by the amount of airplay
they have been steadily getting from the New Jersey legend
Uncle Floyd on his show on WFDU-FM (Teaneck, NJ).
At last count, Uncle Floyd has played
15 different Eggplants’ tunes on his weekly eclectic radio romp.
Hey, this is a guy whose TV show was immortalized
by the Ramones and David Bowie –
so it’s a big deal for the Eggplants! 

An autographed caricature of Uncle Floyd and his famous
puppet Oogie recently showed up in the Eggplants’
intergalactic snail-mail. Under the autograph, it says:
“Oogie really digs your music!”