"Ruff Justice"

is the latest video from the album

Plantastic Voyage.  

Featuring Meg the Dog (with a cameo appearance by Lushy the Grouse).

Produced by Leo Overtoom

*Disclaimer: Any resemblance to current reality is completely accidental.

"The Check Has Arrived" Video

from the album Plantastic Voyage

Featuring Louise the Llama, Grendel the Aye-Aye and Meg the Dog.

Produced by Leo Overtoom


Ingrid's Night - Kenny Young and the Eggplants perform a tribute to Ingrid Multhopp


Vintage Videos from the Sidewalk Cafe in NYC!

 Thanks to Steve W. for these timeless clips...

First, Kenny Young and the Eggplants perform "My Dinner with Elvis" ...


And now ... "Earl the Squirrel" ...

The mood turns more romantic as the Eggplants perform "186,000 Miles a Second" ... 

And then the audience implacably demands a song about a badger!

Inexplicably, the crowd wants even more menagerie songs!  So, for an encore ...
ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages ... 
the Eggplants present the epic tale known as "Space Frog" ...!


 More clips will be added in the future!