There is a parallel universe in which the Eggplants
are inexplicably successful. 

In that universe, they are frequently asked to compose songs for TV shows (including the highly rated sitcom Ruff Justice) and film (including the unforgettable classic Psychopath on the Cycle Path). 

One day, the Eggplants were approached by television executives who wished to create a show loosely based on The Love Boat, but set in a luxury rocket ship traveling through outer space. 

The Eggplants agreed to appear in every episode, as themselves, performing a couple of songs in the lounge of the luxury space ship. On the show, each time the band takes a break from performing, some lonely passenger inevitably asks them for advice on how to improve his or her love life. 

The Eggplants give extremely questionable advice and much hilarity ensues. 

The name of the show is Plantastic Voyage

This album is a collection of songs for TV and film from the parallel universe.