Eggplants Return to Edinburgh!

In a parallel universe
Kenny Young and the Eggplants
write music for popular television shows.
Some songs from that universe
(and a bunch from this universe)
will be featured
when the Eggplants perform in Edinburgh
AUGUST 21-24 (inclusive)
at the Acoustic Music Centre @ St. Bride's.
As usual, the show will change significantly
every night, and the band will make
moderately-Herculean efforts
 to accommodate song requests.
(This process will undoubtedly go smoother
if you request songs the Eggplants actually
know how to play).
Tickets are ON SALE NOW
and also for some reason at
PLEASE NOTE that the show
on Thursday the 21st (aka opening night)
will commence at 7 PM;
but the other three shows (August 22nd,23rd,24th)
will commence at 8:30 PM.
This was clearly arranged for the sole purpose
of confusing both the public and the Eggplants.
If you have any questions
(e.g., What preceded the big bang?
Why don't sloths show more enthusiasm?),
please email Eggplants Central.
For venue-related information,
Eddie and Gil and Kenny
(and Lushy the Grouse, Earl the Squirrel,
and the Cheese-Thing)
send much love
and are truly looking forward
to seeing you.

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